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(Pursuant to the Decision of the President No. 1107/QD - NLU - TCHC promulgating the "Temporary Regulations on the functions, duties, responsibilities and powers of the units of Nong Lam University – Ho Chi Minh City dated 07.27.2006)

1. Function

Facility  Management  Office, a unit of the Board of Presidents has the function of advising the Board of Presidents to design construction investment projects, management organization and rational and effective use of the University’s property including: land, buildings, all kinds of assets on land, fire fighting equipment, transports, machinery equipment and other assets to be purchased and equipped from the state budget to ensure training activities , scientific research and technology development and other activities as prescribed by law.

2. Mission

- To advise the Board of Presidents in the fields of investment, procurement of supplies, machinery equipment and basic construction works for teaching, scientific research and transfer of science and technology and so on for NLU officials and and students;

- To make plans and estimate budget for maintenance and overhaul assets: renewing equipment and gradually modernizing the technical facilities of the University;

- To organizate bidding activities, procurement of supplies, equipment and machines and and have basic construction works for the units in the University. To be a permanent Council of the bidding;

- Every year, in collaboration with the Planning and Finance Office to have inventory, revaluation of assets and liquidation of assets of the units and to perform  reporting regime in accordance with the state regulation;

- To manage facilities providing services for officials and students within the Univerisity. To organize and implement hygiene work for classroom and  environment in the campus landscape;

- To implement and coordinate with other units to have construction works and develop infrastructure of the University;  

- To manage the fleet and coordinate the transport for the service of the Univerisity;

- In charge of fire prevention in the whole campus;

- To recommend rewarding and disciplining employees for staff and students in the use and protection of assets in thrift practice;

- To generate periodic reports of the use, investment and  asset Management as prescribed by the State and the University;

- Top perform other tasks assigned by the Board of Presidents.

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